Who We Are | Tom Sloan

Tom Sloan is a Product Specialist whose love of sports has led him to captaincy of the softball team at our London office.

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Who We Are | Vince Bannon

With a career history of working with artists like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Run DMC and an infectious love of life, we meet VP of Entertainment Partnerships, Vince Bannon.

Who We Are | Mark Steele

We learn about Mark Steele, Senior Sales Manager in Dubai and a qualified pilot.

Who We Are | Amy Robertson

We get up close and personal with Amy Robertson a Senior Program Manager in our Technology Department.

Who We Are | Lauren Soto

Product Manager Lauren Soto credits her Dad for giving her the belief that she can do anything she puts her mind to. And she applies that attitude to split boarding...

Who We Are | Michael Heiman

Michael Heiman is responsible for the operations of major global sports events and our sports editors in North America. Also a big fan of pina coladas...

Who We Are | Andrea Giglioni

Andrea Giglioni is a Localization Project Manager based in London who lists extreme linguistic geekiness as a must for his job!

Who We Are | Carly Lewisohn

We get familiar with Carly Lewisohn, Supervising Producer in our UK Video Team.

Who We Are | Masaaki Kobayashi

We get familiar with Senior Art Director, Masaaki Kobayashi who is based in Tokyo.

Who We Are | Melinda Lee

Melinda Lee is the General Manager of Getty Images Music based in New York.

Who We Are | Lenny Hanson

In this story, we get familiar with Conservator Lenny Hanson who is one of the UK’s few specialists in photographic conservation.

Who We Are | Richard Newstead

It's not just our photographers that are helping to capture the world through photography, we chat to Senior Content Editor (and Octocopter Pilot!) Richard Newstead.

Who We Are | Lauren Steel

Besides our photographers, find out what other roles are involved in bringing our imagery to the world. We chat to Managing Editor at Reportage by Getty Images, Lauren Steel.