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Highlights of the best media campaigns, organizations, and people who empower and repicture women.

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The cutest kids at the #RoyalWedding: https://trib.al/4s2bFGY

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We’ve taken the search pulse for Q2 of 2014, and here’s what’s been trending.

#RePicture | Getty Images & Lean In on Closing the Gender Gap

Getty Images Pamela Grossman and Lean In's Jessica Bennett examine the changing relationship we have with images and how we can use creativity to shape the future.

#RePicture | We’re moving the world by repicturing it

We think it’s time to kill the cliché, to break with stereotypes and embrace the world around us as it actually is - in all its variety and beauty.

#RePicture | Join us at Cannes Lions

We'll be at Cannes Lions to #repicture the world both in the Ortega and around the festival. Here's some of the key events you should attend

Video | Changing the Stock Image of Women

Pamela Grossman, Director of Visual Trends, Getty Images discusses changing the stock image of women at the recent New York Ideas 2014 conference held at the New York Historical Society

SXSW | Getty Images Female Rising

Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman explores the ways in which female imagery is rapidly evolving in her talk at SXSW.