#RePicture Hero | A view from iStock contributors

Our photographers are #RePicturing the world by challenging the stereotypes that are commonly associated with concepts such as Hero, Femininity and Age.

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Redefining womanhood in Saudi Arabia https://trib.al/rMesMH0

#RePicture Femininity| A View from iStock Contributors

One of the clichés that is being challenged by our photographers is Femininity and how this is portrayed in today’s society.

iStock Contributors #RePicture Balance and Wealth

We take a look at two more concepts that have been reimagined, Balance and Wealth.

The Original Twitter Bird Licensed From iStock

In an article published by NYT Magazine, we discover the inspiration for the now famous Twitter Bird.

iStock Contributors #RePicture Innovation, Beauty and Femininity

Following on from our most recent article looking into RePicturing Age, we take a look at three more concepts that are frequently represented by stereotypes.

#RePicture Age | A View from iStock Contributors

We have handpicked some of our favorite images from the iStock collection and asked the contributing photographer to describe what 'RePicturing Age' means to them.

The Visual Evolution of the Mobile App

As Getty Images launches their redesigned iOS app with an updated and easy-to-navigate interface, our product team discusses the evolution of the mobile app.