FIFA World Cup 2014 | England: A Brief World Cup History

Of all the images associated with England and sporting success, there is one picture which continues to remain more iconic than most.

FIFA World Cup 2014 | Brazil: A Brief World Cup History

Joga bonito they call it in Brazil and few adhere so strictly to the dictum of practicing and preaching as the Seleção.

FIFA World Cup 2014 | Argentina: A Brief World Cup History

"Our Diego, who is on the pitches, hallowed be thy left hand, bring us your magic. Make your goals remembered on earth as in heaven." So goes the Church of Maradona's version of the Lord's Prayer

FIFA World Cup 2014 | Italy: A Brief World Cup History

Be it Marco Tardelli's famous wild-eyed celebration in 1982 or Roberto Baggio rooted to the spot after missing form a penalty in the final in 1994, Italy have provided some of the most dramatic scenes that the World Cup has witnessed throughout its history.

FIFA World Cup 2014 | Spain: A Brief World Cup History

There were four minutes left on the clock when Andrés Iniesta's locked eyes on the ball before disappearing under an avalanche of his delirious team-mates

FIFA World Cup 2014 | Japan: A Brief World Cup History

It had taken 68 years but Japan finally made it to a World Cup in France in 1998.

FIFA World Cup 2014 | United States: A Brief World Cup History

Few teams were enthused about the prospect of making the long and difficult journey to Uruguay in 1930 but one of those that did make it was the US

FIFA World Cup 2014 | Netherlands: A Brief World Cup History

There is 120 seconds gone in the final of the 1974 World Cup before a German player gets to touch the ball first time in the match.

FIFA World Cup 2014 | Germany: A Brief World Cup History

When Germany hosted the World Cup in 2006, its importance cannot be understated. By then the time was ripe for the country to move on from the horrors of the past and to feel pride in the nation once again..

FIFA World Cup 2014 | France: A Brief World Cup History

The first World Cup may have been held in South America but it was a European, or more specifically the Frenchman Lucien Laurent, who scored the tournament's first ever goal.

FIFA World Cup 2014 | Australia: A Brief World Cup History

It's 1998 and Australia are 2-0 up in a play-off match against Iran..