It's not just our photographers that are helping to capture the world through photography, there are thousands of people working hard behind the scenes across the world to bring these images to you.

In this 'Who We Are' series, we look at the many job roles at a photography agency from picture editors, to sales and marketing to art directors.

Meet Peter Orlowsky, Vice President and General Manager of based in New York.

How did you get to where you are today?
I was offered a sales job in sports when I was in grad school. It was a long distance from my home and I had to take a bus and a train to get there each day. The relationships I made there led me to a job at Madison Square Garden.

I would often speak to my best friend since grade school, Al Bello about his job and how his company worked. He was a photographer at Allsport and I was doing sales at Madison Square Garden in NYC. He would tell me how magazines and corporations would call to buy their images, so I had an idea that I pitched to the owner, Steve Powell about how I could help them grow the business. I moved to LA and started working there in 1994. In 1998, Allsport was acquired by Getty Images and the rest is history.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
"Don’t measure success by the size of a man's wallet." Do something you're passionate about so you will be happy with your career. That, and always give 100%! You never know who will notice and create your next opportunity. I found them both to be very true.

Whose career do you admire?
Derek Jeter. He always worked super hard to be a complete player and captain. He was never the best at anything but always found a way to contribute when it mattered the most. He also was a true professional on and off the field.

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?
That’s a great question considering I have an 18 year old son and I am constantly trying to offer advice based on my experience. The one I would say to him and my 18 year old self is, "Always follow through with what you say you will do." Many people today always say things they are going to do and many drop the ball or never follow through. If you do this regardless of the result people will always respect you.

How do you like to spend Sundays?
Usually I spend Sundays with my family. I have 3 boys and if it is winter time, we are probably all driving around from one hockey rink to another for their games. In the summer, it's on the ball fields were I have been coaching my boys' little league baseball teams from oldest to youngest for the past 13 years. It’s a great way to spend time together and build memories.

What’s your secret talent?
It is definitely an unusual one. I am really good at throwing food really high up in the air and catching it in my mouth. Something silly I have been doing since I was little.

What are some of your most visited websites?
Of course, it is Since we launched 12 weeks ago I am always on it looking at ways to improve the customer experience. I also spend a lot of time on Pandora, YouTube and by Getty Images offers you the opportunity to decorate your home or office space with prints of our fine photography.

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