About Me
Currently working in the photo assignments division of Getty Images, with specific focus on the Reportage by Getty Images roster of award-winning photojournalists, but also the broader Global Assignment network/service. Liaising with key clients in the UK & Europe (media/corporate/agency), building close relationships with NGOs/charities across the region, and communicating with local Getty Images sales offices/personnel. Also managing some specific photographers from Reportage, distributing their content, and securing editorial/corporate/commercial assignments for the wider roster. Travelling regularly to industry events including awards, exhibitions, photo festivals, and portfolio reviews.

Who is your favourite photographer/favourite photograph?
Genuinely, some of my favorite photographers out there are the ones I work with within Reportage, but beyond this group I would say that the first time I was really inspired by photography was seeing an exhibition of Magnum legend Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work ‘The Europeans’, which really made me fascinated in pursuing an interest in photography at school, university, and as a career. I also recently had the pleasure of attending the keynote Sem Presser lecture at World Press Photo’s award days in Amsterdam, which was given by Edward Burtynsky, as a retrospective on his work & photographic approach… he is a true great, and is able to capture the environment he works in on such a large and powerful scale.

What are you passionate about outside of your work life?
Music is definitely my second passion (after photography), and living in London is great because you can see gigs by virtually any musician you’re into. I also love traveling, films… and craft ale!

Which websites do you visit the most?
I am on the BBC News web site every single day, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and numerous times in between. It is such a key source of information relating to my line of work.

The Photojournalism links section of the TIME Lightbox site is also a phenomenal summary of what is going on in this field. Mikko Takkunen who curates it used to be a photographer on our Emerging Talent section of Reportage (1 year mentorship) and was already running his own blog doing this, so it is great to see him take it to such an audience now that he is with TIME. Bookmark the site!

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