It's not just our photographers that are helping to capture the world through photography, there are thousands of people working hard behind the scenes across the world to bring these images to you.

In this 'Who We Are' series, we look at the many job roles at a photography agency from picture editors, to sales and marketing to art directors.

In this story, we meet Melinda Lee, General Manager of Getty Images Music based in New York.

What does your job involve? 
I oversee the music business and products here at Getty Images.

How did you get where you are today?
I’m a total content enthusiast and geek so have been fortunate to work in broadcast and digital media for over 15 years. I first collaborated with Getty Images and Pump Audio as a customer when I ran the digital media rights group at MTV. I loved how forward thinking both our companies were, which enabled us create an innovative partnership that was new to both sides. I later joined a video start-up founded by the guys who created Kazaa, Skype and Rdio, which was the beginning of the YouTube era. Being in the mix of rising start-ups, I partnered with a group of content and tech entrepreneurs to start our own content production studio (pre-MCN), which packaged programming for broadcasters like MTV, A&E and NBC. I eventually found my way to Getty Images which now offers the content trifecta- images, video and music so it's the best of all worlds.

What artists/albums are you enjoying at the moment?
For singles, I've been listening to the the new release. BUT, I just put together my very own 80s playlist which is getting a lot of rotation time smile

Whose career do you admire?
I've come to admire Judy McGrath's career (former CEO of MTV Networks). She was always a respected figure throughout MTVN, but at the same time, managed to be approachable for all employees. She started her career as a copywriter under the creative group when MTV was still small and eventually rose to CEO of the company (owned by corporate behemoth Viacom). She spoke candidly about changing her work style and developing new skills to make her a better CEO. Now, she's been advising new start-ups, actively investing in the industry and creating new products for this next generation. She's managed to have a diverse career and still remains accessible to established and new players in the space.

What’s a favourite book of yours?
Brave New World.

What’s the best thing about the city you live in?
There’s a great food culture in NYC.  Equally as great is NYC's walking culture. The two go hand and hand, don’t you think? 

How do you like to spend Sundays?
Experimenting at a new brunch spot, then a long-ish session at the gym, while letting my Roomba run around my apartment. But really this is all a lead into tackling the Sunday night TV line-up. Sunday is probably my favorite day of the week.

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