About Me
Working in marketing is great, because every day is different and at Getty Images, you get the freedom to try new things every week with some of the most beautiful content and talented people on the planet.  The sweet spot is seeing people light up with inspiration and join in the conversation – if those people are our customers; I know we’ve done a good job. 

My media career started age 14, covering a freak hail storm for my local paper. Since then I’ve pulled pints, sold advertising, calmed Canadian fishermen, produced radio shows, helped teachers discover online learning, set up the marketing team for the UK’s national news agency, entertained creative directors (no mean feat!) and run sustainability initiatives for rowdy teenagers. Outside of work, I’m involved in ‘Transition Town Tooting’ strengthening links in the local community through a community garden, an annual food festival and workshops to support and promote the low carbon living. It’s a great way to meet people and spend time outdoors.

Area(s) of speciality: Marketing and creativity

Who is your favorite photographer / favorite photograph?
I was lucky enough to meet Philip Jones Griffiths a couple of times. His images during and after the Vietnam War are so powerful.  They demonstrate the impact photography can have on how we understand the world and it was fascinating to hear how he did what is an incredibly tough job.  I also love photography’s ability to capture a moment in time. I love the images of Bob Dylan taken by Barry Feinstein in the 1960s and 1970s, specifically the images of Bob with a group of children alongside the warehouses of Liverpool. It takes me to a different time in history.

What are you passionate about outside of your work life?
Green living, live music, Asia, street art, sushi and kimchi

Most visited websites?
I’m a big fan of serendipity and recommendations, so I tend to find a lot of quirky stuff via Twitter and Feedly.  I find music on Spotify and This Is My Jam.  And I can lose a lot of time on It’s Nice That, Sad Stuff on the Street, Post Secret and now.jit.su.

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