About Me
I am a Picture Editor for news and entertainment imagery across our various social media platforms looking for trending stories and the best photos of the day in order to promote the work of our talented team of editorial photographers. I have worked at Getty Images for the best part of 10 years, predominately in an editing role. 

I started my career at Mission Pictures and Studios with Entertainment Photographer Dave Hogan where I learnt everything from scanning negatives to holding reflector boards!  The experience was invaluable, and I made some lifelong friends along the way.

After some time travelling across Tibet and Nepal, I came back and started working for Getty Images in 2004.

Areas of speciality: News and Entertainment

What excites you about photography?
The power of one image and the whole range of emotions it can evoke. Photos can’t be ‘unseen’ and can have a power beyond words. The images from Ukraine (Brendan Hoffman, Jeff Mitchell, Sean Gallup) and Crimea elections (Dan Kitwood) are just recent examples.

It is so important to get the photographers’ story out there and the speed in which an image can now be turned around and out to the world in minutes via traditional feeds as well as social media enables us to do that.

I also admire the work of photographers Daniel Berehulak and Matt Wilson especially his ‘This Place called Home’ project.

There have been massive changes in the style of entertainment photography – photographers Gareth Cattermole and Ian Gavan just nail it every time especially with their work from Fashion Week.

How do you like to spend Sundays?
With my family and friends. Since having my daughter, I have learnt to embrace early starts and we love to get to Brighton or Dungeoness for a walk on the beach or a spot of rock pooling.  I enjoy exhibitions and also love to draw when I have any spare time!

What’s a favorite book of yours?
Every book ever written by Haruki Murakami. I am also a fan of photography books (unsurprisingly!) – next on the list is Chris Hondros’ ‘Testament ‘.

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