About me
I am part of the Content Development team here at Getty Images in New York. I come from the Editorial side of the business, and I focus on mobile and video (as well as various other topics). I work on Moment Mobile (our iOS app), our new upload system (just rolled out to all our videographers!) and various things that bridge the gap between traditional editorial coverage and traditional commercial stock photography.

I started as a news photographer, freelancing for papers and the occasional magazine until I caught a lucky break to work as a staff photojournalist for a news agency (and then another one). At my second job I started out as photographer, later became editor and then managing editor. And then I joined Getty Images in Munich to help launch their news and entertainment division, before coming to New York to run the Picture Desk - that's the team of editors who handle the News, Sport and Entertainment coverage that powers our wire service. Over the years, I've migrated more towards strategic projects that combine my interest in data and mobile technology with visual storytelling, social media and bigger crowds.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is my belief that humans wish to be challenged, informed and delighted. And photojournalism, no matter if executed by trained professionals or someone with a pocket camera or smartphone on the street, is an integral and important part of the way we experience our world.

I'm glad we get to take you along on that trip, and I hope you enjoy the images we bring to you.

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