About Me
Aedín has a strong technical background, having started off her working life as a software engineer.  A love for words, languages and the organisation and retrieval of information led her to pursue a Masters in Library and Information Studies and to her current role as Senior Search Vocabulary Editor at GettyImages. As well as working on developing and maintaining the Getty controlled vocabulary, her work involves a lot of sifting through the “big data” of customer search, trying to understand how people look for images, and improving the results that they see on our sites.

Work aside, a favourite free time activity is running; whether it’s catching up with two small and very active young boys, or racking up the miles along the Dublin coastline.

Area(s) of speciality: Keyword, search, vocabulary

What excites you about photography?
It still blows me away that a single instant can be captured forever!  In terms of content, I love the move towards the “real” in imagery lately.   

What’s a favorite book of yours?
I’m a huge fan of reading.  Hard to pick just a single book, but one I devoured first time around and have revisited for several re-reads is The Secret History by Donna Tartt.   

What are some of your most visited websites?
Every day, I visit news websites like The Guardian and Reuters to keep up to speed on what’s happening in the world and to make sure we’re covering it accurately in our keywords.

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