Bob Ahern

Bob Ahern is the Director of the Getty Images Archive, now based in New York after relocating from London.

Matthew Butson

Matthew Butson is the Vice President of the Hulton Archive based in London.

Sarah Goodwin

Sarah Goodwin creates and curates stories for InFocus. Originally from Ireland, after three years she thinks it's safe to finally call herself a 'Londoner'.

Mark Gosnell

Mark is originally from New Zealand but has been living in the UK for the past six years using London as a base to explore Europe.

Aedín Guyot

Aedín Guyot is a Senior Search Vocabulary Editor for Getty Images based in Dublin, Ireland.

Amy Lehfeldt

Amy Lehfeldt was once a costumer for Disney and now is a Senior Art Director based in our New York office.

Pat Lyttle

Pat Lyttle is a Fashion Specialist involved in picture research for Getty Images.

Patrick Di Nola

Patrick Di Nola is the Director of Photography for Reportage by Getty Images based in our London offices.

Hugh Pinney

Hugh Pinney is our VP of Editorial Imagery working out of our London offices.

Judith Rich

Judith is a part of the Getty Images Marketing Team, specializing in Content Marketing.

Josh Rozbruch

Josh Rozbruch is a Social Media Manager for the Getty Images Content Marketing Team, based in New York.

Jen Stanley

Jen Stanley is a Picture Editor for news and entertainment imagery across our social media platforms and a recent fan of early starts...

Jenny Teasdale

Jenny Teasdale is a Marketing Manager based in London who counts calming Canadian fishermen and producing radio shows as part of her resumé.