A stunning celebration of our most compelling editorial images throughout the year, the Year In Focus 2013 is here

From the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, chemical warfare in Syria and the Boston marathon bombings to more hopeful events such as the birth of Prince George, moments of triumph in sport and celebration in entertainment, 2013 was a year that both tested our limits and shaped our collective conscience.

The  book highlights our innovative content by going beyond print with a digital edition incorporating video and 360 imagery.

The digital book highlights Getty Images' innovative content incorporating features and functionality impossible in the physical version. The digital book incorporates exclusive video and breathtaking 360-degree interactive imagery that allows the reader to explore the world’s events across current events, sports, entertainment and more.

The reader can swipe to travel through the stadium during Usain Bolt's victory in the Men's 100 metres semi-final at the 14th IAAF World Athletics Championships, tap to watch Jennifer Lawrence’s charming backstage antics at the Oscars, or even fly through Vatican City with an immersive 360-degree interactive view of Pope Francis as he greets the faithful during his inauguration mass in St Peter's Square.”

Year in Focus 2013 is available worldwide for free in seven languages, exclusively on iBooks: iTunes.com/YearinFocus

The book includes News, Sport, Entertainment and Archive and also features the outstanding projects of our Editorial Fellows, Getty Images staff photographers Laurence Griffiths, Joe Raedle, Ezra Shaw and Chip Somodevilla, who were honored for their commitment to their craft.

“Our Editorial Fellows represent not only the caliber of our people and our content, but the integrity of our business,” said Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Klein. “Including their projects in the book shows our unwavering commitment to supporting those who tell the important stories of our time.”


“The book allows us to shine light on the best of our global content while reflecting on the events of the year past,” said Creative Director, Anthony Holland Parkin, who once again edited this year’s edition. “It was a collaborative effort and one I am honored to have been a part of.”

Choosing a single image to grace the cover, representing the unparalleled work within the book, is not an easy task.

“You must find an image that speaks to us all, which is why we chose this image of Nelson Mandela by Anton Corbjin,” said Holland Parkin. “If any image could encapsulate the past year, it is of a man whose legacy of humanity, strength and hope will continue to bring us all together for years to come.”

In addition to the amazing photographers whose work is showcased throughout more than 250 pages, the success of the book is the result of support from many editors, directors of photography, marketing staff, operations and production support, and our researchers, who were always up for the challenge of digging deeper into our collections.

The book highlights our innovative content by going beyond print with an online version incorporating video and 360 imagery, and an iBook version available via iTunes and launching in February. 

To view the full selection of images visit the Year in Focus landing page.

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