It's not just our photographers that are helping to capture the world through photography; there are thousands of people working hard behind the scenes, across the world to bring these images to you.

In this 'Who We Are' series, we look at the many job roles at a photography agency from picture editors, to sales and marketing to art directors.

Rebecca Hamilton is a Research Editor & Social Media Editor for fashion content based in Sydney, Australia.

What does your job involve?
My role is a very fast paced and varied role in which I complete editorial research requests for weekly/monthly magazines, newspapers and broadcast clients. I have a social media role, in which I look after Getty Fashion Instagram, our fashion blog and @GettyFashion Twitter account.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?           
The highlight of my career so far here at Getty Images has to be when the Getty Images fashion blog I brainstormed and designed went live. Originally it was called ‘Of the Moment’ and later changed to ‘Fashion by Getty Images’. It took a long time to come to life and it was so great once it did. It’s exciting to see how fashion is evolving and growing here at Getty Images.

Who is your favorite photographer or favorite photograph?
I don’t have one particular favorite photograph/photographer but one of my favorite photo series of all time is a photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz and VOGUE’s Grace Coddington – ‘Alice in Wonderland - A Fashion Fairytale.’ To me this piece represents the mysteriously beautiful and magical world of fashion. I love this series not only for its creativity but also for bringing a new meaning to reading a magazine. It’s a story for fashion lovers to feel inspired by and also offers a unique perspective of some of the world’s most respected designers.

Whose career do you admire?
I admire the career of Baz Luhrmann. For anyone that doesn’t know, he is an Australian film director who created Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby…just to name a few. I feel that he is someone who always tries to think outside the box, has a natural flair for creativity unlike anyone I know and isn’t afraid to take a risk.

What’s the best thing about the city you live in?
The best thing about Sydney is its many beautiful treasures. From the Sydney Opera House to the quaint little beaches near where I live there are so many beautiful gems to see and discover.

Best holiday you’ve ever been on?
The best holiday I’ve ever been on would have to be when I graduated from University, I packed up my bags to go travel the world indefinitely. I booked a European Contiki tour visiting 11 countries in 26 days including France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. I went completely out of my comfort zone travelling on my own and had the time of my life! Making some of the dearest friends along the way of which we all still stay in touch today.

What are some of your most visited websites?
Some of my most visited websites include the Daily Mail for all the latest entertainment news, for fashion trends & shows, for the latest beauty trends and fashion news.

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