Welcome to InFocus, our new online destination to discover how Getty Images – with our partners and customers – is advancing the art, craft and business of visual media.

Getty Images is renowned for excellence in imagery and our unrivalled access in news, sport and entertainment. Capturing the great shots and getting them out to customers – sometimes in a matter of seconds – requires an always-on, tremendously talented global team and a constant drive toward innovation. InFocus delivers the behind-the-scenes stories about our team’s experiences, the obstacles and challenges they encounter and where they’re going next.

InFocus will report on innovations such as 360° and 3-D photography and Getty Images’ new licensing models and delivery tools like our API, Connect, which we developed to seamlessly integrate the broadest, deepest and highest quality content right into our customers’ work streams.

If the name InFocus has a familiar ring to it, that’s hardly surprising. Getty Images’ Year In Focus is the annual showcase of 150 of our most exceptional photos, selected from the five million-plus images our photographers capture each year. InFocus is our dynamic, real-time online destination where you can always find the compelling stories behind our award-winning, inspiring imagery.

I hope you enjoy InFocus. We welcome your comments and, indeed, your own stories, as we bring our inspiring content to life on this new platform.

Jonathan Klein
Co-founder and CEO
Getty Images

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