Fashion photographer Vittorio Zunino Celotto has created this stunning set of mirror image photography at Istanbul Fashion Week. Here's how he did it...

I had the idea for this project after some test shots I did during Paris Fashion Week.

I usually try to capture fashion imagery in sets. I try to look at the models in a different way, not just as bodies.

Spending time backstage allows me to develop relationship with the models – talking, sharing details about our lives and comparing our jobs. There are many similarities – models and photographers spend hours preparing for something that can be captured in ten minutes.

The Mirror Image project is a work in progress and I want to thank Vicky Dearman for the beautiful title.

I shot this with my iPhone5 and the images have not been retouched. I just searched for a black background, a good light and a model who can talk with me before the shooting.

View the full collection here.
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