Tristan Fewings shares his favourite alternative view picture from London Fashion Week.

I shot this image backstage at the John Rocha show at Somerset House during London Fashion Week AW/14 and it is my favourite frame from this season.
I love this picture as it’s a moment of calm during the frantic atmosphere that is found backstage in the run up to show time.

Shooting backstage can be difficult, there’s a lot going on in quite a confined space that is crowded with lots of people rushing around to get the models ready and lots of photographers all vying to get their shots.

One of my strategies backstage is to find an interesting spot that I can wait in to observe what is going on. In this case, the models were lining up to do their rehearsal walk through.

Initially I was concentrating on the two girls in the background, shooting tight frames with my Canon 70-200mm lens of them laughing and playing with their phones. Suddenly one of the models stepped out of line and lent up against the wooden partition, I quickly switched to my second Canon 5d MKIII with a 24-70mm lens, and shot some wide full length pictures. As she turned and looked away, I moved in slightly closer and zoomed to 70mm, dropping my depth of field to concentrate more on her face and separate her from the background. I managed to get this frame then she was called back into line and the moment was over as quickly as it had begun. 
I love the contrast of the model's expression and pose to that of the two girls in the background smiling and having fun. She has momentarily found her own space. Is she lost in thought or maybe just bored? It is a quiet picture and shows an alternative view to the glamour that you see on the runway.

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