As Summer Festival season is now upon us, reknowned Music Photographer Christie Goodwin gives us the lowdown on the bands you should try to get to see this summer...

1. Haim
A summer isn’t a summer without seeing Haim live somewhere at a festival near you. When I first saw them I was instantly blown away by these three raw rocking sisters. They are old school rock, they are rowdy and wild, they are free-spirited and make you want to put flowers in your hair. They are timeless and will put a spell on you. What’s not to love?

2. Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran and I go way back so maybe I am biased. To hell with that. You must see Ed Sheeran this summer. Ed is this summer’s smooth operator. He’ll get you with his guitar riffing and his jamming hip hop beats while encouraging you to sing along and in his typical breathless fashion. You will sing along, I promise you. And man, when he does his Nina Simone cover ‘Be My Husband’ I guarantee you, goose bumps all over!

3. Katy Perry
Katy Perry is taking her Prismatic World Tour all over America next and she is definitely one you should not miss this summer. I know this because I have only seen the show like a dozen times. Katy puts the 'E' in Entertainment. From the get go she dazzles with amazing costumes, beautiful sets, fantastic dancers, and when she strips it all down to do her acoustic set she proves what a magnificent voice she has.


4. The 1975
It’s a warm summer evening and you are sitting around a campfire on the beach. Someone is passing a bottle of red wine and you take a sip. A happy feeling hits your funny bone. The guy next to you picks up a guitar and starts playing a tune and everyone sings along. Magic. It’s just you, the campfire, the music and the summer you never want to end. That basically describes what I feel when I see The 1975 live.

5. Soundgarden
If you are looking for that nostalgic summer feeling, then definitely go and see Soundgarden at a rock festival. Tracks like ‘Spoonman’ and ‘Black Hole Sun’ are timeless, and even if the whole Seattle and grunge period wasn’t your thing, there’s still Chris Cornell’s gorgeous head of hair. Makes me all gooey inside.

About Christie Goodwin

Christie Goodwin attained a BA degree in photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp. She started out in fashion photography and later moved on to editorial photography, mainly politics.

Christie’s passion was always music photography, and in 2007 she moved to London and became a full time music photographer. Some of her clients as official photographer include Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Usher, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Satriani, Alter Bridge and One Direction.

Christie is also one of two house photographers at the Royal Albert Hall. In addition, she regularly contributes to Redferns, Getty Images and Wireimage.

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