Mini Cannes took place in London last week. Alongside speakers and jurors from Cannes Lions, they invited Getty Images to bring back the visual trends we saw coming out of Cannes.

Not everyone gets to go to Cannes, so Creative Social set up Mini Cannes at DigitasLBi in London to bring back a taste of the festival and a thought provoking review from key players in the industry. Alongside speakers and jurors from Cannes Lions, they invited Getty Images to bring back the visual trends we saw coming out of Cannes.

Paul Foster, Senior Director of Creative Content combined insights from the award-winning work at the festival with the content that creatives produced for our #RePicture campaign, to unpick the visual language making an impact in advertising now.

The campaigns highlighted below all won awards at Cannes. They embrace univeral themes, but repicture them to connect powerfully with their chosen audience. They reflect the big shifts we’re seeing globally in visual culture and advertising – the representation of women, the changing face of aging and the growing inclusion of gay and lesbian consumer.

Female rising
Images of women are changing on all fronts: politically, socio-economically, and culturally, but inequality still exists.  This Titanium winner, “The Autocomplete Truth” for UN Women by Memac Ogilvy Dubai tackled the issue of gender inequality in a powerful and very immediate way using the search bar as a gag across images of women around the world.  The PR campaign exposed rampant cultural discrimination by using Google's autocomplete function with the phrases 'women should' and 'women shouldn't.'

And we can’t talk about representations of women, without mentioning Dove. Ogilvy Brasil created the award-winning Real Beauty Sketches campaign for Unilever’s Dove.

Recognising the changing position of women in the world and responding to our clients‘ demands for authentic representations of women in the workplace, we are continuing to shoot new images of women. This has lead to our partnership with LeanIn.Org and a curated collection of over 5,000 images highlighting female leadership and a contemporary vision of work and life.

See the images.

We’re seeing significant visual change in how gay and lesbian couples and families are portrayed in media and advertising.

For example, Droga5’s ‚Wholesome‘ campaign for Honey Maid, which won a Gold PR Lion.  Honey Maid launched a campaign for its cracker brand that recognized the changing face of the American family and created ads featuring same-sex, interracial and single parents. The company's campaign received a backlash from a vocal minority and in response they commissioned two artists to take all the negative messages and convert them into a message of love. The winning campaign was a massive hit.

Here are some of the images we’re shooting to address these changes.

Like anyone working in advertising and marketing we have been following what‘s happening in communication to seniors over the past decade. Changes again are very slow and in many cases the representation of life after 60 seems still a bit one-sided and out of date.

Droga5 New York picked up a bronze Lion for its integrated campaign, „Chapter 2“ developed for Prudential. Chapter Two is the second campaign from Prudential that repictures life after retirement by presenting real representations through inspiring stories.  Here’s just one of the stories from the campaign:

We‘re working on producing imagery that breaks with old stereotypes of seniors taking long walks at the beach, gardening or doing water colours to instead represent age and aging with more variety.

See behind-the-scenes on a shoot addressing this new representation of age.

Read and watch all our great content produced at the Cannes Lions Festival 2014. 

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