Go behind the scenes of The Royal Tour with our photographer blogs from New Zealand and Australia. Morné de Klerk brings us behind the scenes in Adelaide.

A warm autumn day blessed the northern Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth today for a visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine. Unfortunately there was no baby George, the young Prince was in Canberra and did not make the trip to Adelaide.

The streets were packed with thousands of well-wishers and hopeful onlookers supporting the royal couple, each trying to get a photograph as a memento, or even just a mere glimpse of the pair as they passed by.

The couple landed at the RAAF Air Force base and was quickly escorted to the community centre in Elizabeth where they had a tour of the youth community centre, The Northern Base, as well as a look around the local skate park.

This is where I had a chance to spend some time with royalty. A small media contingent usually moves with the couple during their public appearances, recording their every move. I was lucky enough to be in this contingent photographing the event for Getty Images, my pictures to be filed and distributed for use by the world’s media.

The highlight of the tour through the centre was when the Royal Couple was shown how to “scratch some vinyl” on a set of DJ decks. Catherine had a go first and did a pretty decent job before Prince William had his turn. Then they were treated to some musical performances by a variety of artists, everything from a hip-hop singer through to a performance by an indigenous dance group.

The couple then moved outside to the skate park to see a display by BMX riders and skaters. Prince William was presented with a custom made skateboard, but declined to give the board a try, despite the waiting media salivating at the idea of the spectacular pictures it might produce.

After greeting a few lucky onlookers, it was time to head off to the next stop, the nearby Civic centre where the Governor and Premier of South Australia hosted a reception for the pair. Before heading in to the reception, the pair greeted the waiting crowd, shaking hands with more lucky onlookers. They were so friendly and warm towards everyone they met

Then, it was all over. The Duke and Duchess were whisked away and back on an airplane to the Australian capital.

Editor's Note: For more picture of the Royal Tour, click here.

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