Go behind the scenes of The Royal Tour with our photographer blogs from New Zealand and Australia. Photographer Ryan Pierse talks us through the events in the Blue Mountains.


In this age of instant social media and digital photography, it is critical to quickly transmit the pictures we take to the world’s newspapers, websites and magazines. In order to do this, our ‘office’ ends up being anywhere where you can basically sit down for a few minutes to turn on your laptop, be it in the 40 degree Australian summer sun or the rain and snow of the coldest British winter. As photographers, we find ourselves in some weird and wonderful places in order to do our job and today was no exception.

This afternoon I found myself dangling over the edge of a rocky outcrop with only a harness supporting me from the 100 meter drop below. The Royal couple, minus baby George, where flown up to the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney and this part of their day was to observe a youth abseiling program.

Kate and William, dressed more for a day at the races, appeared from the bushes onto a rocky ledge opposite my position. A quick chat with the instructor and a peer over the edge and they were back in their car and on their way again back to Sydney.

With no chance of 4g or 3g signal on the mountain edge, I was driven back to the car park of the nearby Scenic World. As I was sitting in my car beginning to transmit the pictures, swarms of Japanese tourists emerged from inside the popular tourist attraction in hope of catching a glimpse of the Royals. A few asked me when they would be arriving. After breaking the bad news of their recent departure, the best I could offer was a quick flick through the photos I had just taken. One keen lady even snapped a sly iphone pic of my screen as her souvenir for the day. Ironically, that picture was probably on her instagram well before I had a chance to send the original.

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