Go behind the scenes of The Royal Tour with our photographer blogs from New Zealand and Australia. Hannah Peters talks us through Day Five in New Zealand.

Editor's Note: All black and white images provided by Hannah and were taken with her smart phone.

My morning starts with a coffee from my favourite café where the newspapers lie scattered on different tables all displaying one image: Kate and William.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge mania has truly set in on Day Five of their tour of New Zealand. On my way out, the barista asks me what I have planned today.  I reply with a cheeky “Think I'll go sailing with the Duke and Duchess.”

Today my job was to photograph the planned racing in America’s Cup boats around the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland.

We were instructed to wait down at the viaduct Harbour for our ride - a boat carrying 150 journalists and photographers all hoping to capture the best shots of William and Kate. This number of media all on one boat, all waiting for two people is a fairly unique situation. Especially when only about six of those are New Zealanders. The boat came complete with its own bar, which some of the media took advantage of, claiming the beverages to be “focusing fluid”.

Today was the first day the royal tour had came up north to Auckland, and thankfully after the last few days of wet weather, Auckland was able to provide enough sunshine to make the match racing enjoyable.


After providing sunscreen to a few of the British media followed by a three hour wait, we finally headed out to try and capture a bit of racing. Media were spread out over three levels of the boat all trying to catch a glimpse of Kate and William sailing.

The size of the media boat immediately became an issue as it was too big to manoeuvre around the course easily.

I mainly shot with a Canon 500mm lens as we were positioned a fair distance from the boats.

It was hard work getting a tight angle, and any opportunity that came our way, the sound of machine gun firing would start as you never knew when your next chance would be. Focusing through the 500mm on a moving boat, trying to find one person on another boat which has been built for speed, is a challenge. I ended up kneeling down on the boat deck to try and steady myself as much as possible.

The Duchess of Cambridge was paired up with the skipper of Team New Zealand, Dean Barker and the Duke of Cambridge raced alongside Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton. Kate seemed to be in the winning boat while Prince William had a few issues with his boat, later claiming sabotage. The Duchess came out on top winning 2-0.
Luckily I was able to file a few pictures while we waited for them to reappear on a Sealegs boat together. This was worth the wait as they were sitting together and appeared more relaxed.
Our media boat slowly headed back to dock where we all finished off our filing, before the international media were whisked off by bus down to Hobbiton, south of Auckland.
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