Go behind the scenes of The Royal Tour with our photographer blogs from New Zealand and Australia. Hagen Hopkins talks us through Day One in Wellington.

With the royal visit mere hours away, Wellington decided to deliver some of its trademark weather as fog and cloud descended over the city in the early morning accompanied by a fresh southerly wind. Flights in and out of the airport were being delayed and/or diverted and for a time it looked like our royal visitors may not make it onto the ground.

However, the Royal New Zealand Air Force plane carrying the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George eventually touched down, albeit a little late, leaving myself and dozens of other media present, eagerly awaiting our first glimpse of the royal family.
William, Catherine and Baby George finally emerged from the plane looking fresh and happy as they waved to the crowds who had gathered outside the airport fence and started battling their way down the steps through the southerly wind and misty rain.
Catherine had a near ‘Marilyn Monroe moment’ as a gust of wind caught her dress but she managed to compose herself, all the while holding onto Baby George and wearing her famous smile.
The prince barely batted an eyelid throughout, looking nice and relaxed as Mum did her best to hold onto her hat, brush her hair out of her eyes and keep her dress in the downward position.

Prince George looked on as William and Catherine greeted a small group, which included a jovial chat with Prime Minister John Key, before the family made their way quickly into the military terminal and then on to Government House for their state welcome.
It was a brief appearance to kick off the tour, but presented the waiting media with a good opportunity to capture the whole family together, check out Kate’s outfit and of course catch a glimpse of the star of the show, Baby George.
Aside from the weather, it was a good start to a busy nine days ahead.
Editor's Note: For more picture of the Royal Tour, click here.
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