Go behind the scenes of The Royal Tour with our photographer blogs from New Zealand and Australia. Photographer Mark Nolan talks us through The Duke and Duchess' arrival in Australia's capital.

A pre-sunrise start to the day had me heading to the nation’s capital to join in the coverage of the Royal Tour.

Canberra turned on a glorious, albeit brisk start to the day and as mentioned previously by my colleagues, the traditional long wait for media, meant that there was plenty of time to chat about the current state of affairs in the photography industry, catch up with those that have made scarce appearances in recent years or just soak up the early morning sun – just don’t leave your vantage point unattended for too long.

The wait was finally over and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took part in one of the more traditional of Royal acts - a tree planting - English Oak of course. It was a more subdued atmosphere with those of the limited public presence having been selected by ballot.

The Duke and Duchess then joined children in the ‘designer pod playground’ of the Arboretum and seemed to relate well with the less overawed, but very enthusiastic youngsters.

Leapfrogging the next royal engagement (a Getty colleague was covering the Parliament House reception for the Royal pair). I made my way to the National Portrait Gallery for another official opportunity to photograph William and Catherine. It was a more open affair for those of the public hoping for a once in a lifetime encounter with royalty. On their departure Kate seemed to be unable to draw herself from all the well wishers and paid due respect and a graceful politeness to those that had waited for so long.

The Royal Tour is nearing an end and for me it has been relatively easy compared to my Northern Hemisphere counterparts who are physically and mentally done. It’s a hectic, yet rewarding challenge and they have been following the Royal entourage now for just under three weeks, throughout New Zealand and Australia – they are dreaming of returning to the White Cliffs of Dover, a good stiff upper lip, pound notes and reruns of ‘Carry On …’ films.

Editor's Note: For more picture of the Royal Tour, click here.

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