Go behind the scenes of The Royal Tour with our photographer blogs from New Zealand and Australia. Phil Walter talks us through Day Six at Cambridge War Memorial in Hamilton, New Zealand.


On a day that was going to be dominated with travel and waiting my day started with a little drama of its own when my car decided it didn’t want to start!  A rare moment of panic was followed by a tinker around under the bonnet after which it fired up and I was on my way two hours south of Auckland to the small Waikato town of Cambridge.

Aptly named after the royal couple, Cambridge locals turned out in their droves to catch a glimpse of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. One local amateur photographer even went to great heights and scaled a tree for a clear shot. I arrived 90mins before the couple were due, to ensure I could get a good park and then get inside the police cordon to my position. I was shooting Pool for this part of the day which meant I was part of a smaller group of photographers who were able to follow the couple when they arrived at the Town Hall and then accompany them as they did a brief meet and greet with some of the public.


Kate looked splendid in a green dress and what has really stood out for me on this tour is the subtle moments of affection shown between the royal couple. Prince William put his arm briefly around Kate as they got out of the car, and when it started raining after they left the Town Hall he opened the umbrella and held it over her as they walked to lay a flower on the War Memorial.

They then split up in opposite directions to meet with the public most of whom had been waiting far longer than I had been. We had to decide who we wanted to follow and I decided to concentrate on Kate. They ended up meeting up in the middle before departing to the Velodrome for their last appearance of the day.

Typically of Royal tours such as this when you need to be in position well in advance, I left home at 8:30am and finished editing at 4pm. Of that time only about 30mins was actually spent shooting, the rest was spent travelling and waiting. 745 frames shot, were then edited down to 23. The main lenses I used were a 300 f4, 70-200 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8 and a 50 f1.4.

Now I need to put my Sports Photographer hat on and turn my attention to the Super Rugby game I am photographing in Hamilton tonight before making the drive north again back to Auckland.

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