Go behind the scenes of The Royal Tour with our photographer blogs from New Zealand and Australia. Scott Barbour brings us behind the scenes of one of the most significant stops on the tour – Ayer’s Rock.

I was told last month that I was being assigned to cover the Royal Visit to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. Not as easy as it sounds though because I am based in Melbourne on the eastern coast of Australia, so that meant two flights and a 2000km plus trip to the centre of Australia just to get there. As Australia is such a vast country, travelling distances and times between places can take longer than it takes to travel to different continents! 

The main lens I used for the day was the new Canon 200-400m on a Canon 1dX body. This proved invaluable on the day, enabling me to get wider and full length photos of the Royal Couple, and with a flick of a switch I could enable the 1.4x converter on it which turns it into a 560mml lens so I could shoot bolder portraits and headshots of the couple without having to change cameras and not miss a picture.

The highlight of the day was the final photo opportunity as the Royal Couple walked along the base of Uluru at sun set.

I later met the guide who took them on their walk at the base of Uluru and he was very impressed, he told me that if they had of been wearing casual clothes he could have easily mistaken them for two young British kids in love, backpacking around Australia. He said they were both so nice and that Catherine was so polite and inquisitive, asking questions with a genuine interest in her surroundings.

Now for the 2000km trip home!

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