The rise of the Asian model in the fashion world has been meteoric. Fashion Specialist at Getty Images, Pat Lyttle looks at the biggest names amongst the new breed of supermodels.

The rise of the Asian model in the fashion world has been meteoric. One can’t help but notice the increase in usage of models, increasingly from China, being featured in major ad campaigns, catwalk shows and high profile fashion extravaganzas.

Major fashion houses want the best models possible for their campaigns and these increasingly seem to be the new Asian supermodels.

So who are these models? You may not know their names but chances are, you’ve been seeing these women everywhere for the last few years without even realizing it.

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Chinese Models
Forbes recently placed Liu Wen in their top ten highest earners in the modeling world for 2013. currently has placed Liu Wen at number three in the world of hottest models in demand, above Brit favorite Cara Delevingne who features in 5th place, based on ad campaigns and earnings. Liu Wen features in catwalk shows from Chanel, Viktor & Rolf, Burberry to Jean Paul Gaultier and many others.

If you follow the ever growing popular trend of street style photography during Paris Fashion Week, you’ll notice the near chaotic stampede status as Cara Delevingne comes into view, but the seasoned street style photographers and bloggers will make a beeline for Ming Xi, Liu Wen and Fei Fei Sun. They understand why and these models are ahead of their game for a good reason.

Ming Xi who was a prominent featured model in the spring summer 2013 River Island campaign, has a very unique look. Discovered way back in 2009, she is one of the most sought after models because of her unique look.

Fei Fei Sun was the first Chinese model to feature on the front cover of Vogue Italia. It proved a hugely popular issue with the photo-shoot styled and shot with a sophisticated retro '60s feel, by Steven Meisel.

Japanese Models
It’s not just about the Chinese models though, Japanese models Tao Okamoto and Ai Tominaga are legends both in Japan and in the fashion world.

Rila Fukushima, the cute, quirky model was voted by Japanese Vogue to be their 2013 Woman of the Year.

Rila incidentally worked with Tao on the same movie, ‘The Wolverine.’

Then there are the rising stars Chiharu Okunugi, Kozue Akimoto and Kiko Mizuhara. These girls are younger and more quirky looking with a cool status aimed at a younger market in editorial.

A new breed of supermodel
Times are changing, and so has the playing field in the world of fashion. A new breed of supermodel has finally arrived. Some many will say has been long overdue.

Audiences are seeking something closer to the everyday variety and diversity we see in our cities and many women wish to see as a representation of who they truly are.

Beauty does not have one face. Every woman knows this. It has many faces yet society often represents beauty by just a few. Not anymore. Beauty is truly international and it spans many nations and continents. Including that of Asia.

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