The WPO - World Photography Organisation presents an online, live PhotoTALK event delving into the photojournalism industry. With special guests, Aidan Sullivan, Vice President of Photo Assignments, Getty Images, and Getty senior staff photographer John Moore, this panel explores the dangers of photojournalism, ethics in the field, truth in photography, and more.

How do photographers and editors maintain objectivity within photojournalism - does objectivity even exist? What are some of the greatest ethical dilemmas photographers face whilst in the field, and who is to decide where to draw the line? How have assignments into tumultuous situations changed, and what is the wider industry doing to protect its members?

The panelists also bring to the conversation their experience behind A Day Without News?, a campaign whose main aims are to draw sharper attention to the growing number of journalists who have been killed and injured in armed conflict; to develop a public diplomacy to combat direct targeting of journalists more effectively; and to investigate and collect evidence in support of prosecutable cases in this area.


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