Introducing the Dubai Lynx Festival
The Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity, which is part of the Lions Festival, is an annual event celebrating the advertising and communications industry. It offers the opportunity to learn, network and be inspired.

At the festival, there is the Young Lynx competition which gives young talent of the region the task of creating and executing a campaign within 24 hours for a charity, non-profit organization or an NGO client. Getty Images sponsored this competition for the sixth year in a row.

We allow Young Lynx contestants to use our creative, editorial, archival and music content, to help them produce inspiring and award-winning work of their own. We recognize the importance of nurturing creativity starting with young generations as they are at the beginning of the creativity circle and keep things fresh.

“We are proud to offer continued support to Young Lynx contestants, helping them to fulfill their potential and create award-winning campaigns with the best content available.” Paul Foster, Senior Director, Creative Content at Getty Images.

We just love it when creativity brings our content to life, especially when it is in a useful way enabling to help a lot of people.

What Getty Images brought to the table
Across the UAE and the region at large, video consumption is rising and marketers are seeking new ways of story-telling. Of course, content is key to telling a great story so we had to be there.

This year we wanted to show delegates that we are much more than just an image bank. We have powerful imagery along with footage and music to offer. We also wanted to share the exciting news about our embed initiative and also the Lean In collaboration.

As this is a festival of creativity, we brought our Cannes Video Wall to Dubai and people were able to interact and engage with our Getty Images content in fun and imaginative way.

“We are incredibly excited to be bringing our video wall to Dubai Lynx.  Delegates will have the opportunity to explore and interact with our vast collection of award-winning video, only a selection from over 20,000 hours of clips,” said Paul.

The video wall attracted a lot of people. The bespoke wall, made up of eight synonymous screens is fascinating – lots of people stopped by to play. For some it was an introduction to our video offering and music content.

Moments to remember
Our Senior Sales Manager for MENA, Mark Steele had his first ever radio interview with Dubai Eye. They wanted to know how brands are looking for original and innovative ways to tell their stories and engage consumers so of course we had a lot to talk about.

It was also a great opportunity for us to get together with some of our Getty Images colleagues from around the world and get to know them a little better.

We’re looking forward to next year!

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  • Personal Collection of Getty Images Staff
  • Personal Collection of Getty Images Staff
  • Personal Collection of Getty Images Staff
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