With only a few days to go, the Getty Images team is braving the elements and gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday. One of our editors, Maxx Wolfson, sent us an update from Met Life Stadium:

Welcome to Super Bowl XLVIII in New York City, or actually East Rutherford, New Jersey. Getty Images once again has a large team of 34 people on the ground, consisting of photographers, editors, tech-experts and messengers.

Unlike other Super Bowls, which have been played in domes and warm weather cities, this is the first Super Bowl where the weather is a factor. Luckily, the forecast for Sunday is supposed to be above freezing. However, our team has been working at the stadium in the icy, sometimes snowy conditions for almost a week, in temperatures that have dipped below zero degrees at times. In the end though, thanks to some heavy coats, gloves and hand warmers, it will all be worth it.

Having to take the weather into account has been a challenge, but we will be prepared for any situation. And even if the power goes out again like last year, we will be prepared. With just a few more days until the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos, our group is putting on the finishing touches at the stadium. We will have our own sort of dress rehearsal 24 hours before kickoff, in which we will simulate our workflows. The photographers and editors will all be in place to make sure everything is working the way we want it. If all goes well with the test (fingers crossed) we will be ready for kickoff with just the game to worry about.

  • Maxx Wolfson and Rich Cordero crimping some cable inside Met Life Stadium.
  • Justin Heiman braving the elements.
  • Rich Cordero, Kevin Rewkowski, Maxx Wolfson, Travis Lindquist and Justin Heiman sporting some heavy coats outside the stadium.
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