Every year at Cannes, there are show stopping moments. Photographer Dave Hogan looks back at his photos from Cannes and recalls the celebrities which stole the show.

1) The Spice Girls, 1995

Spice Girls were the divas of Cannes. This picture was captured in 1995 when they were promoting their movie ‘Spice World.’ They did the photo call on top of the Hotel Martinez and later in the afternoon, they went on motorboats along the harbor. We had to hire motorboats to be able to follow them.

They all looked very glam and were basically doing what film stars and pop stars should do, which is show off! Spice Girls were always very good at that. They were throwing roses from the boat – they understood colour and what made great images. And the thing with them was – out of the five of them, one of them always appealed to someone. On the picture desk, everyone had a favorite. With these five feisty ladies, there was never a dull moment. They stole the show that year at Cannes.

2) Madonna, 1991

When pop stars make films, normally they go straight to video – but they still know how to steal the show. Madonna turned up in 1991 in a Jean Paul Gaultier bra and pants, and a pink kimono. The requirement at Cannes is black tie, however, this year Madonna walked up the red carpet and then stripped off. She totally stole the show.

3) Patsy Kensit and Liam Gallagher, 1999

In the case of Liam and Patsy, I was told not to go to the big star first. If you went to Liam, he might not want to do the picture so I would ask Patsy and she would get Liam involved. In 1999, he was very much in a phase of looking like John Lennon. On this night, I had actually been at the party earlier on and then got a call saying Patsy and Liam had arrived so I went back to get this shot. At Cannes, you start first thing in the morning at maybe 10am and then there are photo calls throughout the day, then two red carpets, then parties until 3am and then you get up and do it again. You must maintain energy levels from morning to night. It’s not for the faint hearted.

People think that at Cannes you’ll be sitting around drinking cocktails on the beach – but it’s probably the only place, you’re literally part of the whole show. It’s a publicity machine. It’s interesting to work at, but not an easy ride.

4) Michael Jackson, 1997

When Michael turned up – he did what he always did and stole the show. I’ve been going to Cannes since the early ‘80s. When we first went, no-one wired pictures. You did a premiere, put the film in a bag and newspapers took it in turns to send someone to Nice airport and ask a passenger to take the films back to London. That was years before any terrorist threats. Then you would call your office and tell them to look out for someone in a red hat or whatever to collect the films from. The shots didn’t get used until two days later by the time they were processed. Now, you take the pictures and we’re tethered, so in 5 minutes or so, those pictures are gone all around the world. It’s all about speed now.

5) Sharon Stone, 2013

Sharon Stone is the ultimate ‘Glamour puss’ and that’s what Cannes is all about, the glamour and also the slightly risqué flesh! It’s all about that walk up the red carpet and the big smiles, the pictures that make everyone jealous and longing to be there. In reality, it can actually be the most difficult two weeks of anyone’s life. Relentless photo calls and premieres etc., but that’s what makes Cannes so special.  Sharon is always an A-lister at Cannes and you know she’ll wear something good. You may not see her for months but when she turns up, she turns up in force wearing the most amazing dress and jewelry. She probably gets her fill of publicity for the year. Cannes is all about being the star everyone is talking about and Sharon is that star. When her name is on the list for a party, everyone turns up.

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