Getty Images Sports Photographers capture thousands of events each year. However even the most experienced face challenges shooting in some of the world's biggest arenas.

Blue hues, dry ice and low lighting all make the ATP World Finals difficult to capture. Read how Getty Images photographers meet the challenge...

The O2 arena in Greenwich, London can adapt to a whole range of events from the Royal Horse Gala to a Rolling Stones concert and when it comes to hosting the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, the tennis court looks like no other.

The blue hues of the court (thanks to the sponsor) combine with dramatic lighting that give the finals an atmosphere all of their own.  We photographers get a chance to be creative with the dark backgrounds and unusual conditions.

Players enter the court through dry ice and lit by a powerful spotlight, all adding to the unique occasion.

It looks great on TV but it does present a few problems for us photographers to deal with.

The main lights are above the players, casting shadows on their faces and also bouncing up from the court to give them a weird looking blue glow. You need plenty of light to shoot tennis as those players swing their arms pretty fast but there’s little light about.

It’s a far cry from Wimbledon on the other side of town!

Over the years, the photographers that cover this event have come up with new ideas that wouldn’t work in any other tennis venue.

Here’s how some of the Getty Images Sports Photographers – Clive Brunskill, Julian Finney, Jan Krugar and I met the challenge this year.

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