As humans, we tend to hold onto fixed and oversimplified ideas and visuals to describe and label people and concepts. It’s time to kill the cliché, to break with stereotypes, and embrace the world around us as it actually is - in all its variety and beauty.

It has often been said that if we can visualize it, we can create it, including a better world. And we can - using pictures, platforms, and influential channels such as media and advertising to ignite important cultural shifts.

We issued a creative assignment aligned to our #RePicture campaign, inviting all to take a stance in repicturing the world by sharing a personal image (a “Photo Entry”) that shows an authentic, empowering perspective on one of the concepts below.

Concepts:  Age, Balance, Beauty, Community, Expertise, Family, Father, Femininity, Hero, Innovation, Leadership, Love, Masculinity, Mother, Success, Team, and Wealth



Join us in congratulating them for repicturing their world.

RePicture: #MOTHER


RePicture: #WOMEN


RePicture: #FAMILY


RePicture: #LOVE


RePicture: #FATHER


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