See It Be It is a program that aims to further women in the creative industry, encouraging them to grow their careers and reach senior positions.  At the Cannes Lions ad festival, 12 women are part of an inspirational program which takes place to do just that.  We've connected with these women in person at the festival through a fun photo shoot and one-on-one interviews that captured their uniqueness and passion.


See It Be It participants chose important topics and concepts they'd like to see repictured in the creative space.  How would you repicture these concepts? Join in and let us know.

Biba Cabuquit, Associate Creative Director, DM9 JaymeSyfu Manila repictures Pinoy Pride.  Learn more about Biba's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Ulrike Schumann, Copywriter, Serviceplan Zurich repictures formal.  Learn more about Ulrike's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Jenna Livingston, Copy Director, R/GA in New York repictures innovation. Learn about Jenna's #RePicture perspetive and her work.

Cheyney Robinson, Creative Director at SapientNitro U.K. repictures leadership. Learn more about Cheyney's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Erica Pressly, Senior Copywriter at The Barbarian Group, NY repictures Lady Boss. Learn about Erica's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Melo Xu, Creative Director at JWT Shanghai repictures Her Perspective.  Learn about Melo's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Stefanie Digianvincenzo, Associate Creative Director at Wunderman London repictures femininity. Learn about Stefanie's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Angie Sun, Creative Executive at CAA Marketing repictures Girl Power. Learn about Angie's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Juliana Ardila, Art Director at Leo Burnett MENA repictures Women Accounts. Learn about Juliana's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Jem Robinson, Design Director at AllofUs London repictures joy.  Learn more about Jem's #RePicture perspective and her work.

Celeste Dalairac, Creative Director at Del Campo Saatchi, Buenos Aires repictures Joy.

We further tackle these issues through personal interviews with Jenna, Cheyney, Juliana and Stef - see what they have to say about gender cliches, break-out campaigns that make things happen and their own ideas about repicturing imporant concepts.

Join the conversation online by using #RePicture, and help us challenge convention.

Widen the visual representation of Beauty, blur the lines of Family and Community, and create a new vision of Success.

To participate, upload the photo you’ve taken (consenting subject only of course) to either Twitter or Instagram, and add the #RePicture hashtag – tag the @GettyImages handle on Instagram. Our Editors will highlight their favorites.

Follow us here and on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see all the concepts we’re discussing and find out how you can participate - or if you’re heading to Cannes Lions, join us in the Palais Ortega space during the Festival.

Editor's Note: Please note, by adding #RePicture to your photos, you grant us only the right to publish your images, credited to you, on our Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts. 

Photo credits: Ian Gavan, Getty Images

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