Starting last week, our community has been on a quest to repicture cliched concepts through the power of pictures.

We’ve asked some of the leading professionals in the creative world to show us what terms such as beauty, love, hero, fatherhood, motherhood, community and others mean to them and this is how they answered.

Joe Alexander – Chief Creative Officer, The Martin Agency

Family #RePicture

It seems our culture and especially the media are catching up to the messy, diverse, complicated, multi-generational "family" of 2014. We're seeing it in TV shows and movies, of course. But I think that brands like Chevy, Skype, Expedia, Cheerios, etc. are having the biggest impact simply because they are putting their money where their beliefs are.

People love authentic brands. And what's more authentic than seeing yourself reflected in a story, even if that portrayal is in an ad?

What it means to me...

I grew up in a family of 9 - 6 boys, 3 girls - and I was smack dab in the middle of the chaos at number 6. A day doesn't go by when I don't share a funny story about my Mom and Dad or my brothers and sisters.  My family influenced me in obvious and subtle ways. I think it prepared me perfectly for this crazy business and leading a bunch of creative people.

In fact, I think creative directing and parenting are pretty much the same thing. Listening, setting a good example, putting consistent rules in place, inspiring personal growth, occasionally putting the hammer down, etc. I'm lucky and blessed to have three smart and determined daughters of my own. They mean everything to me along with my amazing wife, Sarah. My family is the one thing I've always counted on to be there for me no matter what happens. And that's a great feeling.

About Joe Alexander

(reproduced from Linkedin)

Joe had oner two decades of advertising experience including copywriting and creative directing. Currently, he is the lead creative at The Martin Agency, overseeing a staff of 150 creatives doing work for clients including Geico, Walmart, PING, Moen, Oreo, Morgan Stanley, The American Cancer Society, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Ben Moore, Discover Card and The JFK Presidential Library, among others.

in 2013, Ad Age named the agency the 10th most awarded agency in the world., an interactive documentary for the JFK Library, captured a Emmy, the first time an ad agency has won in the News and Doc category. In addition, Unruly Media named Geico's Hump Day TV commercial the #1 most shared spot in 2013. Only the viral video Dove Sketches was shared more.

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