Starting last week, our community has been on a quest to repicture cliched concepts through the power of pictures.

We’ve asked some of the leading professionals in the creative world to show us what terms such as beauty, love, hero, fatherhood, motherhood, community and others mean to them and this is how they answered.


Jessica Ann – JessicaAnn Media

Community #RePicture

Community represents the paradoxes and vulnerabilities of the masculine and feminine, the young and old, strong and weak. At Jessica Ann Media, we strive to convey these dichotomies, and push the boundaries visually through the lens of the human condition.

For example, one of my client's, Todd Werginz, is an engineer whose work embodies a feminine edge to an otherwise male-dominated industry. Our work together, along with the collaboration of web designer Sonja Leix, strives to transcend any cultural norms, by articulating a sense of deep connection and appreciation - not through the masculine use of "force or control" - but through the softer connotation of community - and the visual imagery this word provides. "Community" simplifies this vision, as it speaks to the serendipity that can happen when you explore alternatives to the status quo, and evolve your mindset to shift in positive ways.

"Every day is a learning adventure and feminine "makers" make things beautiful." - Todd Werginz, Chief Visionary Officer, Aeon Analytics

"Working on the visual design and User Experience for Aeon Analytics’s new website in collaboration with Todd Werginz, the client, and Jessica Ann Media has been a refreshing process. Todd isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of industry stereotypes and clichés, which the new brand identity and design reflects. Strong, large imagery and fresh colors mirror the client’s personality and curiosity.

We put a strong focus on fostering this community through publishing articles on the site built on WordPress. The decision of utilizing WordPress as a CMS and publishing platform for Aeon’s new online presence is a conscious statement that we believe and support strong communities. WordPress is an Open Source software, built by and for the community in a mission to democratize publishing." - Sonja Leix

"The above image represents community to us," says Jessica.  It's a Power-Up Rechargeable Portable USB table.  This image in itself is a paradox: the simplicity of sitting at a USB workstation allows for the expansiveness for community. People in a community can symbolically "sit down at a table and talk" - and connect to the world at the same time as engaging in meaningful, face to face conversations. The simplicity of this usb table is not just about one individual, but rather the fusing of one individual's ideas into action with others - and the growing/evolving/expanding into a conscious community.

Jessica: Community means connection and alignment to the higher vision of what you're building and creating. It's a deep, soul-centered purpose that attracts like-minded people through the use of technology that cultivates meaningful change.

Sonja: Community is re-defined through the technology of Open Source projects like WordPress. It makes my heart jump to be part of a talented, thriving community that furthers the mission to democratize publishing.

Todd: Community is shared vision, ethics and values. A community teaches and hones skills to those who share the same vision, ethics, and values collectively.

About Jessica:
Jessica is the CEO and Creative Director of Jessica Ann Media, a creative agency that humanizes businesses with creative content and smart social strategy.

Twitter: @itsjessicann
Instagram: @itsjessicann

About Sonja:
Sonja Leix is a New York based WordPress Front-End Developer with a strong background in Design and User Experience. She is passionate about traveling and contributing back to the WordPress community.

Twitter: @sonjanyc

About Todd:
Todd Werginz is an edgy engineer, a Master Tool and Mold Maker. He has been making things with his hands and with technology for over 25 years.

Twitter: @aeonanalytics

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