See It Be It is a programme that aims to further women in the creative industry, encouraging them to grow their careers and reach senior positions. Across three days, 12 women will be part of an inspirational programme which will take place during Cannes Lions.

We’ve reached out to these 12 selected creatives to get their thoughts on the concepts of leadership, femininity and success, all of which Getty Images continues to challenge in our latest #RePicture campaign.

Ulrike Schumann is a Copywriter at Serviceplan, Zürich, Switzerland

At Getty Images, we’ve been tracking the changing visual dialogue around females.  Are you noticing shifts in how women and girls are represented in the creative industry both at the agency and client side?  Are you satisfied with the way that females are currently portrayed?
It’s mostly cliché roles women are presented in visually in media and/or advertising. So one could easily start thinking that women are either mothers/housewives. Or the tough and flawless business woman. Or the seductive vamp. The real life complexity and variety of women’s roles tends to be omitted in visual communication.

This year 4 out of 17 jury presidents at Cannes Lions are women, more than any previous year.  Are you seeing more women entering senior creative roles across the advertising industry?  Does more work need to be done to elevate women into these roles?
I think that at the moment a lot of efforts are made to put women in the spotlight – not only in the  advertising business, but also in other industries. This often happens with a lot of fuss and hype around which higlights the under-representation for a short moment. To elevate more women into senior roles in the long term also some external parameters have to change. In Switzerland for example official maternity leave is two weeks only. And child care expenses are massive. A clear hint for women what to do in case they’re expecting a baby.



If you can visualize success and leadership for women today what would that picture look like? What would it look like in 5 years?
Today it’s the cliché: Flawless beauties wearing glasses and business outfits and ‚playing‘ successful women. Or they look like Angela Merkel.

In 5 years I hope that women will be portrayed as what they are and not as the stereotypes we have in mind today. They hopefully will be of different age, ethnics, with all sorts of jobs and engagements, dressed the way they feel content and self-confident.



Who’s your professional female hero/crush? Why?
Two blogger girls from Germany: Sarah Gottschalk and Nike van Dinther – the very talented authors of the blogazine The two are eloquent, smart, beautiful, authentic, entertaining, profound, charming and also very tough. And manage to make a living from all of these talents.

About Ulrike

Ulrike Schumann was born in Berlin in 1981. She works as a copywriter at Serviceplan Suisse and besides runs a renowned fashion store down-town Zurich.

Ulrike started in advertising accidentally in 2004 while studying Business Communication Management at Berlin University of Applied Science – first as front desk lady, later in client service at Jung von Matt. As a freelancer she also wrote the presentation texts for German music television VIVA, which triggered her creative writing skills and made Ulrike change sides in the advertising business. She opted for a copywriting traineeship at DDB Berlin in 2007 and was casted by Alex Schill as junior copywriter at Serviceplan Hamburg and in Munich. Besides, she blogged for her own fashion and style blog as well as for Burda's LesMads platform. These projects switched to Ulrike's full-time job when she took a time-out from advertising in 2009 and moved to Switzerland. Here, she added an online shop named Dotti's to the blog which soon was accompanied by a real walk-in store in Zurich’s upcoming fifth district. A success: Dotti's is well-established and evolved as Zurich's first address for quirky dressing. In late 2012, when the first Serviceplan office was set up in Switzerland, Ulrike was open for the copywriting challenge again. And today is mainly responsible for BMW Switzerland’s campaigns. (As well as for a unique selection of vintage pieces and fashion brands at Dotti’s.)

Within her copywriting employments she did campaigns for clients such as Volkswagen, Opel, Nike, Unicef, Coca-Cola and many others and has been awarded nationally and internationally.

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