See It Be It is a programme that aims to further women in the creative industry, encouraging them to grow their careers and reach senior positions. Across three days, 12 women will be part of an inspirational programme which will take place during Cannes Lions.

We’ve reached out to these 12 selected creatives to get their thoughts on the concepts of leadership, femininity and success, all of which Getty Images continues to challenge in our #RePicture campaign.

Stefanie Di Gianvincenzo is an Associate Creative Director at Wunderman, London.

At Getty Images, we’ve been tracking the changing visual dialogue around females.  Are you noticing shifts in how women and girls are represented in the creative industry both at the agency and client side?  Are you satisfied with the way that females are currently portrayed?
To crack this industry, you need to be resilient, determined, intelligent, and you have to have an opinion. That’s never changed.

I think women in advertising – particularly in creative – have always been seen that way. As have the men. But maybe these days, there’s a little more license for women to embrace their femininity, and be all of those things in a way that feels natural to them.


This year 4 out of 17 jury presidents at Cannes Lions are women, more than any previous year.  Are you seeing more women entering senior creative roles across the advertising industry?  Does more work need to be done to elevate women into these roles?
While I think it’s fab that we’re seeing more women heading up prestigious juries like those at Cannes, I haven’t seen much of a change in the numbers within agencies.

Looking around, I can count the same number of women in senior roles as I could when I first started working in adland. But I don’t think that’s because of a lack of opportunity. I’ve certainly never been held back based on my gender. Instead, I think it’s more the fact that there just aren’t enough women to elevate.

To stay in this industry long term, you need to be tough. For every 10 ideas you have, 9 never see the light of day. And that can play with anyone’s emotions. Male or female. But I think men are naturally a little more resilient – and therefore, more likely to stick with it long enough to nab those senior roles.


If you can visualize success and leadership for women today what would that picture look like? What would it look like in 5 years?
For me, that picture is about balance. It’s about women being able to take on those high-power positions, and have fulfilling personal lives at the same time. It’s about agencies that value a woman’s commitment to her job, as well as her commitment to her family.
That picture would not only mean that we’d see more women in senior roles. But also, that those women would be happier and more fulfilled. Success, two fold.



Who’s your professional female hero/crush? Why?
As cheesy as it sounds, Beyonce. She’s fierce, she’s creative and she’s got a business head to boot.

About Stefanie

Patience has never been Stefanie’s strong suit.

She was an impatient baby, arriving well before she was due. She was an impatient toddler, demanding she be allowed to read the big kids’ books – three years before the so-called 'recommended reading age'. And she was an impatient teen, determined to secure a place in Australia's most distinguished ad school at just 17.

While her impatience drove her parents nuts, it served her well to fast-track her career.

By the time she was 20, she’d graduated as a Bachelor of Communications (Advertising-Creative) from Australia's prestigious RMIT, and nabbed her first job in the industry. By 22, she’d been recognized at international award shows for work she’d done at high-profile agencies, Proximity and BBDO. By 25, she’d taken home her first Cannes Lion for DDB’s Open Book Project. And by 26, she’d spotted a gap in the local market and launched Melbourne’s first copywriting collective, Apostrophe.

In late 2013, she was ready for a shot at a global market. So at age 28, she took off to London, determined, and was given a senior role within weeks of touching down – taking her from graduate to Associate Creative Director at Wunderman UK in just 8 short years. It would seem impatience is a virtue.


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