See It Be It is a programme that aims to further women in the creative industry, encouraging them to grow their careers and reach senior positions. Across three days, 12 women will be part of an inspirational programme which will take place during Cannes Lions.

We’ve reached out to these 12 selected creatives to get their thoughts on the concepts of leadership, femininity and success, all of which Getty Images continues to challenge in our latest #RePicture campaign.

Jenna Livingston is a Copy Director for R/GA in New York.

At Getty Images, we’ve been tracking the changing visual dialogue around females.  Are you noticing shifts in how women and girls are represented in the creative industry both at the agency and client side?  Are you satisfied with the way that females are currently portrayed?
After all these years, women in advertising still aren’t where they need to be. I feel like most women have to prove themselves time and time again to get the respect they deserve. When I’m in a room full of men, which is quite often, I don’t sit there meekly. I speak up. I find that the louder and more aggressive I am, the better opportunities I get. I want to live in a world where I don’t have to bark to get a bone.


This year 4 out of 17 jury presidents at Cannes Lions are women, more than any previous year.  Are you seeing more women entering senior creative roles across the advertising industry?  Does more work need to be done to elevate women into these roles?
I think we need to make it easier for women to enter senior roles in advertising. Between raising children and working full-time in advertising, it can be daunting for women to stay in the business. Advertising is stressful enough as it is. Throw a kid or two in the mix and you’ve got no time for anything.

I think agencies could support women (and families) in senior roles by helping them out more. How about a service that does your grocery shopping? And housekeeping?  And dry cleaning? What about a nanny share program with other women in the business? I have a whole list of ideas so tweet me for more @JLiv 



If you can visualize success and leadership for women today what would that picture look like? What would it look like in 5 years?
I could probably name on my hand the five or so female creative directors I want to work for. I want to change that. I wish I had more women to look up to in this business. In five years, I want to be one of twenty female creative director’s people want to work for.


Who’s your professional female hero/crush? Why?
Bethenny Frankel. If the name doesn’t come to mind, she’s a former reality TV star who turned an idea into a multi-million dollar company. She found a hole in society and figured out a way to fix it. By creating a ‘skinny’ margarita drink for women. Talk about problem solving.
She had an idea, a brilliant execution, and defined a category that didn’t exist before. She’s a real go-getter and I respect that.

About Jenna

Jenna Livingston is a copywriter from New York City. She’s worked at both traditional and digital agencies, starting her career at Chiat/Day on brands like Starburst, Snickers, Skittles, and Later at Ogilvy on Amex and Stoli, and now at R/GA on Nike, Samsung, and McCormick. She most recently was involved with the biggest launch in the music industry in years, Beats Music.

Jenna is best known for her viral, social projects. Her latest endeavour, Digital Streaker, gave small brands national attention during the Super Bowl for $0 instead of millions.

Other recent side projects include Starbucks Spelling, Gosling Easter, and Reboot Mom. This has led Jenna to receive a unique range of accolades from industry awards. She’s been parodied on Saturday Night Live, praised by Perez Hilton, and mentioned in TIME Magazine as “Top 10 Things TIME is Thankful For This Year.”


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