Our photographers are #RePicturing the world by challenging the stereotypes that are commonly associated with concepts such as Hero, Femininity and Age.

What does the word Hero mean to you? This is a question that we have put to our iStock contributors as part of our ongoing Repicture campaign.

Here four iStock contributors have outlined what the concept of Hero means to them and how they have visually represented this classic concept, often used in advertising and storytelling:

1. Children Collecting for Disaster Victims by Pamela Moore

“Everyday heroes—anyone at any age—this everyday hero is a sports team of children, ‘leading a hand’ for a neighborhood disaster relief effort.”

To view more of Pamela’s work you can visit her website or you can check out her portfolio on iStock.

2. Doctor Doing Surgery by Satu Knape

“A hero is defined by doing bravery that others maybe wouldn’t do or have the bravery to, saving lives and helping people is always a heroic thing.”

To view more of Satu’s work you can visit her website or you can check out her portfolio on iStock.

3. Fireman with Gear on Listening to Fellow Firefighter Talking by Steve Debenport

“Nothing portrays a hero quite like a firefighter - Always prepared and willing to put their life at risk for others.”

4. African American Woman Volunteering at Community Soup Kitchen by Steve Debenport

“When disaster strikes, volunteer heroes cheerfully and selflessly work day and night, providing for the needs of others.”

To view more of Steve’s work you can visit his website or you can check out his portfolio on iStock.

Discover more images that RePicture Hero on iStock, along with 16 other concepts that iStock contributors have been repicturing.

We are always keen to hear your views on what we can RePicture and how our contributors have done so already. If you would like to participate in the campaign you can upload a photo you’ve taken to Twitter or Instagram, and adding the #RePicture hashtag.

Follow the whole RePicture journey here and through our social accounts and websites to see all of the concepts we are discussing.

Editor's Note: Please note, by adding #RePicture to your photos, you grant us only the right to publish your images, credited to you, on our Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts.

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