Getty Images and photo-sharing app EyeEm teamed up to search for images which repicture the concept of love and the clichés that often go with it. Here are the winning photos which were featured at Cannes Lions 2014 Festival, and the photographer's stories.

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EyeEm Username: @cinnamon_scallop

Bio: I am from all over the U.S. Have moved about 30 times, maybe more. Have lived on both coasts, Texas, America’s breadbasket states, New Mexico, but Colorado is home. You can drive five hours in any direction and be in completely different country from where you left. There are even moving sand dunes, the size of small mountains, you can drive to by lunch.

Lots of photo opportunities when you are packing and moving every 6 months to a year! I take photos to capture the irreplaceable moments in life, so that someday the boys can look back on all they've experienced. By the time Logan was 5 he had moved 10 times and lived in 5 states. We were moving for my ex's career which was to open fine dining restaurants for his company, train the chef to take over, then move on to the next.

For me, I work for one of the highest altitude coffee roasters in the world. We have some incredible coffees, and provide coffee to 500+ wholesale/retail clients. It is a busy but fun job, and hey, we are essentially providing liquid happiness to people smile - doesn't get much better!

I don't know if this is where the boys and I will stay planted now that I have finally worked up the courage to leave my husband. I have a lot of healing and growing to do, while being the best I can for the boys. We will see where life's journey takes us next! Life is only as important as your next step.

Story: As of today I am officially standing on my own two feet. I am taking control of my destiny, and reshaping my life from this point forward. I will teach my children the importance of self worth. I am going to be the best woman, the best mother, the best lover, the best I can be, and that is me.

So yes it is just the boys and I, and despite lingering shadows, they still forge their own trails hand in hand. I am not being biased when I say they are some of the nicest, most genuine boys you will ever meet. Their bond is immeasurable. Logan is 7, Ryder is 3.

This photo was taken on a trail outside of Vail, Colorado, USA. It's called Meadow Mountain, and one of many gorgeous hikes within a five minute drive from our house. We live in a historic mining town adjacent to Vail. Right when this photo was taken, we had been hiking upward about 45 minutes, Ryder said in his three year old voice, "Mommy, I tired!" Logan stopped, walked back to him, and said, "Here Ryder, take my hand, I'll help you." And off they went together, our dog ahead playfully running back and forth across the trail. It was a special moment for me to be part of.

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EyeEm Username: @lidoraka

Bio: I live in Israel, in a little town called Ramat HaSharon right next to Tel Aviv. I work as a doctor and I'll
be starting my residency in internal medicine soon. There are various reasons for why I take pictures, but the main reason is, I guess, because I like the aesthetics of taking photos, I like to explore which images please the human eye more than others.

Story: The baby is indeed my daughter, she's 10 weeks (2.5 months) old. This photo was taken when she was about a month old. The photo was taken in the coziness of our home. It was about noon time, and we were trying to get her to sleep - a thing she resisted pretty firmly. The only thing that worked was holding her in my arms. As newly formed parents, we had troubles putting our little Libby to sleep. We had some difficult nights, and it seemed like the only thing that helped her was holding her in this position (which we call "Tiger on a tree"). We'd walk around like that for hours, holding her, too scared to put her in her crib, afraid she'd wake up. Nonetheless, it was so much fun holding our little daughter so close, watching her as she slowly falls into sleep.

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EyeEm Username: @johannajuni

Bio: I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Berlin eight years ago to pursue the creative life. I blog at I take photographs to capture and share instances of the beautiful or poetic while traveling or walking the streets of Berlin. As a blogger, I strongly believe in the interrelationship of both images and text to express myself.

Story: I was strolling from Schönleinstrasse toward Weserstrasse around 10:30 on the night of the UEFA
Champion’s League final when I saw this couple from outside the window. Fräulein Frost had setup
their own little public screening of the match and the couple was watching from the back. The flowers and their body language just screamed love to me. This was the first shot I took with my iPhone 5s.

A little more personal context to the photo (if it’s appropriate) in addition to the facts - a friend was visiting from out of town. We just had a burger at Schiller Burger and were strolling. I was telling him about a past Tinder date that I really liked when I saw the couple from the sidewalk. I guess you could say I had ‘love' on my mind. For all the uncertainties I felt, it seemed so clear to me that the couple must be in love and I kind of wished it for myself. I think love begins by capturing your imagination. It infiltrates into your daily life and your dreams until finally, your happiest or saddest moments coincide and collide.

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EyeEm Username: @pom2426

Bio: Unfortunately I was born in an area where there's nothing but wars and politics and all that crap.
In Beirut, Lebanon. I always was fascinated by the sea though and I learned to windsurf while still young enough and always stayed close to the sea, where I can find my peace. Until now, I sail every summer around the Mediterranean, to flee from the madness, as I'm completely uninterested with all that's going on in the Middle East part of the world.

Also at a young age, I was into photography - at that time we used to spend hundreds of dollars to develop our negatives, lucky for the newcomers with this digital era. I ended up studying interior architecture though, and it's kind of tough to keep working in that field especially as the competition is getting tougher and tougher.

Story: This quote is in the caption of the photo, ‘Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.’ Gebran Khalil Gebran.

Every summer I usually take charters with mostly friends in sailing trips around the Mediterranean.
This particular week, I had a cute couple with me (so imagine how cute all the pictures of the trip must have been!) and by the end of that day, we had drank quite a bit in the scorching sun. They were completely gone while we were on our way back to one of the ports around the area. I took advantage of their sweet position on the front deck, as they were trying to beat their tiredness, however finally falling asleep despite the movement of the boat. So I was snapping away with a long stick which I tied the go pro onto to have this "view from top" angle.

Oh how I miss falling in love again smile

It's not that romantic story that you expect, but oh well, it was reality.

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EyeEm Username: AlexandraSmart

Bio: I live in Wiltshire in the U.K. and have been photographing for 10 years now. I have mainly photographed for charities but also private commissions, such as weddings. I work part time freelance.

Story: The photo is of my mother and grandmother and was taken in our dining room. My grandmother had been singing a new rhyme that she made up and both had been sharing the humour of the song.

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