Following on from our successful #RePicture campaign at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival we have been continuing to challenge the clichés that have defined how we all see the world.

In order to delve further into the RePicture idea, iStock have curated sets of images that reimagine various themes often portrayed in a stereotypical way. Working with some of iStock’s top photography contributors, these sets of images set out to challenge clichés and revaluate how we see certain concepts.

Beginning with the concept of Age, we have handpicked some of our favorite images from the iStock collection and asked the contributing photographer to describe what RePicturing Age means to them.

Here five iStock contributing photographers explain why their image helps to RePicture Age:

1.  Japanese Senior Man Portrait by Roberto Sanchez

What RePicturing Age means to Roberto:

“The secret to aging successfully lies in redefining our late years as a time of growth instead of unavoidable decline.”

To view more of Roberto’s work you can visit his website or you can view the rest of his images on iStock.

2. Senior Man Laughing by Alexander Hafemann

What RePicturing Age means to Alexander:

“Age doesn't count in numbers. You can even find the child in a senior, if he let's you see behind the surface. For me as a photographer it’s catching exactly that moment. Un-staged, real, unexpected pure and uncut.”

To view more of Alexander’s work you can visit his website or you can view the rest of his images on iStock.

3. Memories by Josef Kubicek

What RePicturing Age means to Josef:

“When I look at this photo I see many stories. The grandma seems to be looking somewhere inside her mind, in the past. It’s provoking me to imagine what is she seeing, how does she feel, what her life could look like. And all this imaginations transforms her age into the beauty of life.”

To view more of Josef’s work you can visit his website or you can view the rest of his images on iStock.

4. Glamour by Robert A. Simon

What RePicturing Age means to Robert:

“The photograph is of a woman of a certain age who continues to take pride in her appearance and for whom, being of a more advanced age become a palette to reflect her pride, dignity and accumulated experience in a dignified and self-assured manner.”

To view more of Robert’s work you can check out the rest of his images on iStock.

5. Adult Helping Senior in Hospital by Alexey Kuzma

What RePicturing Age means to Alexey:

“This image was taken with my mum and grandma. And I’m highly respectful of them for their wisdom and old age. They taught me how to love and live.”

To view more of Alexey’s work you can visit her website or you can view the rest of her images on iStock.

Discover more images that RePicture Age on iStock, along with 16 other concepts that iStock contributors have been repicturing.

We are always keen to hear your views on what we can RePicture and how our contributors have done so already. If you would like to participate in the campaign you can upload a photo you’ve taken to Twitter or Instagram, and add the #RePicture hashtag.

Follow the whole RePicture journey here and through our social accounts and websites to see all of the concepts we are discussing.

Editor's Note: Please note, by adding #RePicture to your photos, you grant us only the right to publish your images, credited to you, on our Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts.

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