Pascal le Segretain is one of our longest serving entertainment photographers. 2014 will see his 14th year shooting at Cannes Film Festival. 

Here is Pascal’s hand-picked edit of his favourite Cannes moments he has shot over the last fourteen years. Below the gallery, he discusses how the festival has changed over the years.

What is it about Cannes that makes it so special?
Even if the work is intense and long, I never get bored of the unique atmosphere on the “Croisette” during the festival. I like jumping from one place to another. The variety of the work in Cannes makes it the best festival for a photographer.

You are the longest serving Getty photographer at Cannes, how has it changed over the years?
The first time I shot at Cannes for Getty Images, I was on my own in an unassigned second row position on the red carpet. Now, Getty has a team of 70 people in Cannes composed of assignment editors, field editors, photographers, videographers, journalists and IT technicians.

The evolution in technology has allowed us to adapt our coverage to our customers. We deliver more content faster than ever with tethered positions on the red carpet. For example, a picture taken on the red carpet is available on our website within 120 seconds.

In the last few years, the development of the Internet, social networks, smart phones and tablets has changed our consumer habits - we want everything in large quantities, and we want it now! Since last year, Getty images provides new products like 360°, time lapses, live streaming and alternative views that respond to these new consumer needs.

Why do you still love shooting there?
This year is my 14th year at Cannes, and for a European Getty Images staff photographer this is the main entertainment event of the year. The access we get is excellent. The perfect setup of “Les Marches” ” (the red carpet) allows us to take good pictures of the talent and celebrities present, which secures massive usage in the magazines, newspapers and websites.

What are some of your highlights from over the years?
In 2005, Actress Sophie Marceau had an embarrassing moment as her top fell down while she was on the red carpet. I was amazed to realize that only two snappers were lucky enough to get it amongst hundreds of photographers!

Editor's Note: We’d like to add how impressed we are at how Sophie Marceau handled this compromising red carpet – one we’re sure she hasn’t forgotten!

What are you looking forward to this year?
To get the same kind of shot with Angelina, but exclusive! (Joking) I hope this year will be a good one in terms of celebrities, with a lot of great shots and hopefully less rain than last year!

Stay tuned to InFocus for Cannes Film Festival 2014 coverage from Pascal and our whole team of photographers.

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