Getty Images Archive is delighted to welcome the archives of Max Penson as the latest addition to its historical coverage.

Born 1893 in Belarus, Max Penson fled the pogroms and the First World War for Uzbeckistan where he discovered his love and talent for photography - eventually becoming a master of both the Pictorialist and Social Realist traditions.

Between the years of 1921-1948 Penson documented the historical, social, religious and political  transformations that were shaping Central Asia, and the radical change of Uzbekistan from a traditional feudal society to a modern Soviet Republic.  Penson has been described as a photographer ‘between revolution and tradition’ his images of daily life, industry and politics providing us a rare window on a story little told.

The remarkable archive was nearly lost in the ruins of a 1966 earthquake but has been lovingly brought to light by his grandson. Images will be added daily to


Two cotton-growers, 1950's. (Photo by Max Penson/Getty Images)

A Memorial service, murder of Kirov on December, 1st, 1934, Tashkent, 1934. (Photo by Max Penson/Getty Images)

A Group of pilots, circa 1940. (Photo by Max Penson/Getty Images)

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