Getty Images Archive is excited to welcome Russian agency Fotosoyuz as the latest addition to its historical coverage.

Representing the work of over of 100 photographers and collections it covers politics, daily life, war and conflict, industry, science and the arts and more. Fotosoyuz offers us a unique document of the Soviet experience and Russian life from the 1880’s to the present day.

The collection will be growing on over time but please take a moment to dip in and explore the current offering.

Russia, Moscow, 1930s: Meeting of polar pilots I P Mazuruka and F B Fariha, April 1938 year. (Photo by Anatoliy Egorov/FotoSoyuz/Getty Images)

Russia, South, Volgograd Region, 1940s: Stalingrad, First post-war sports parade, Summer 1945. (Photo by Mark Redkin/FotoSoyuz/Getty Images)

Russia, Center, Orel Region, 1940s: Partisan, Orel region. (Photo by Mark Redkin/FotoSoyuz/Getty Images)

Russia, Moscow, 1920s: study (naked), 1923. (Photo by Aleksandr Grinberg/FotoSoyuz/Getty Images)

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