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Some days you just get lucky with a picture and it kind of lands in your lap. This is a story of one of those days.

London Fashion Week always throws up some surprising photo moments. 

The Philip Treacy show at the Spring/Summer 2013 collections in September did just that.

There had been a rumour circulating that Lady Gaga was in the show. Having been in the industry long enough to have been left disappointed by these types of rumours, I took it with a pinch of salt.

For the biggest shows you make sure you’re there two to three hours before to mark a spot, shoot backstage, raid the buffet and test the light during the walk though.  This show was at The Royal Courts of Justice and it was so dark that you could not see what was going on. 

I got my kit set up to be prepared for the guest arrivals and the show in low light without a further thought of the rumour that the biggest celebrity of the year may be in the building.

During the walk through, I noticed that the designer, Philip Treacy, had sat down to watch with an unknown woman wearing what can only be described as a flower hat.  The other photographers had started to get restless around me as we waited, so I thought I would go have a look at what was going on.   I picked up my camera with my 70-200 lens and flash and headed along the back of the seating area to see who was sat with Philip. 

Once in position I realized that the woman in the flower hat was in fact Lady Gaga and the hat was more of a helmet, encasing her entire head.  I positioned myself to sit opposite her and just started to snap away, dreaming of front pages if she were to look at me.

A couple of minutes had gone by and still nothing that was front page worthy.  Then she turned toward me for a split second which created just two frames; one down the barrel and one just off centre.  She promptly got up and walked backstage. I turned thinking I would be faced with my colleagues all rushing to get their shots sent first and grab the coveted front pages but found not a soul behind me.  Security had moved them all on.

I still needed to move quickly to send the frames before she was pictured during the show. And the only place I could get a signal to send was the middle of the catwalk.  I managed to get three pictures out before they started letting the VIP guests in.  I then just had to complete the job I had planned on; the VIP arrivals and show.

The show was great and Lady Gaga came out to introduce the show in a burka, which was not quite as strange as the flower helmet. 

The best thing was waking up to a nice front page the following morning.

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 16: Lady Gaga attends the front row for the Philip Treacy show on day 3 of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013, at The Royal Courts Of Justice on September 16, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/Wireimage)

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