With the popularity of Instagram and alternative views, I decided it would be fun to try something different during my twice yearly stint as house shooter for the runway shows during New York Fashion week. 

The first thing I had to decide was how and with what I wanted to shoot this project on. As a runway photographer I have to use heavy duty equipment - Nikon D4 with a 80-400 and monopod, which I knew wasn’t going to be practical. My phone was an option but conserving battery power for calls was also very important and constantly shooting on a phone was going to destroy my cell life.

Fuji S100 camera
I had just recently purchased the Fuji S100 shutter less camera for personal use during a trip to Cambodia and Thailand, which I knew would be perfect for this task. The camera itself is very small, easy to carry and unobtrusive.  It has a shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial on the top and aperture ring on the fixed lens just like the old cameras we all used to use in our early careers and is fairly easy to get familiar with.

Due to its size I was able to keep the camera strapped around me during the runway shows and at appropriate moments able to easily shoot single frames during the shows without it affecting my runway shooting with the Nikon.

WCL – X100 lens
Now this is where it gets interesting. I had purchased the WCL-X100 which is a wide conversion lens specifically designed for the camera to offer the field of view equivalent to a 28mm lens on the 35mm camera lens enabling me to shoot a better range.

I was mainly shooting on the one shot feature as it gives you a preview after each shot and I also wanted to limit the amount of shots I was taking to make for easier editing later.

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Some examples of the Alternative View shots I took with the Fuji S100 at New York Fashion Week 2014.

The exciting part of using this camera was the fact it has a lot of built in features. The advance features within the camera menu feature some very cool in camera filters.

Black and white modes include the ability to filter out all colors surrounding the one you want.

For example the Red Dress Show was a perfect example of how this feature can be used to create a great image. Filtering out everything apart from the red colours left me with a great black and white frame with just a red dress. You can also do green, purple, yellow.

Dynamic mode
Another mode which I found fun to use was the dynamic mode which boosts the contrast and colors and can be used to startling effect. The lens and file size quality is amazing and its available light ability is great. There really was no need to use flash of any kind.

A lot of choices to go for so you really have to know what you’re going to do before you do it.

In all, this camera was the perfect choice for this project. I found myself wandering around able to shoot without been noticed or being in people’s faces. In some cases people seemed to be more at ease being shot with the small camera rather than the big cameras with cords flashes and power packs hanging off them.

Sometimes simple is more effective.

I’m definitely looking forward to using this camera at more entertainment events such as the Oscars, Coachella and Miami Fashion Week. It really brings the fun back into work.

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