Lars Baron is a sports photographer for Getty Images and is currently in Sochi covering the Winter Olympic Games

"My most iconic picture is from the finish line of the Men's Individual Sprint Final on day 6 of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics at Whistler Olympic Park Biathlon Stadium.

My German colleague Alexander Hassenstein covered our head on ground level position, so I decided to go up on to a high tower set aside for photographers. The Vancouver games had been grey and cloudy but on that day I was happy to see a bit of sun and blue sky with the light coming right over my left shoulder.  I predicted with the home stretch being almost 500 meters long that one competitor would finish alone and I hoped for a good celebration picture so I took a spot right in the middle of the finish line.

Nikita Kriukov and Alexander Panzhinskiy of Russia were actually neck and neck as they neared the end of the race. I knew this could be really close and had to move to the right of the position as the winners would clearly be coming from that side of the course. I waited for one of the Russians to pull away but it was like they were tied together! The immense physical effort was written all over their faces and I started to realize this was an epic battle. They crossed the line at the same time, stretching with all they had for the big win… and I got my big picture!

It was used very often in the papers, the IOC chose it as one of their standout pictures of the games and I won third place in the prestigious international photograhy competition ‘POYI’ and first place in the German Sports Picture of the Year for sport action.

The usage I was happiest about? When I arrived in Sochi and saw it as the massive welcome picture in the Getty Images office in the Main Press Centre!"

About Lars Baron

Lars Baron is a sports photographer for Getty Images and is currently in Sochi covering the Winter Olympic Games

Baron became interested in a career in photography after having taken a course in sports photography offered by a photo studio in Dinslaken, Germany. He shot his first sports photos at the Trotter horseracing track in Dinslaken. Afterwards he worked as a freelance photographer for the local sports section of the NRZ Dinslaken newspaper, at first still working with film photography.

In 2003 he took a trainee role at the prestigious Bongarts Sportfotografie agency which when became part of Getty Images in 2007

Baron has covered several major football tournaments including the 2006 and 2010 World Cups in Germany and South Africa. He also covered the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games in Bejing and London.

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The 2014 Winter Olympics, will take place from 6 to 23 February 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Since 1988, Getty Images has been the Authorised Photo Agency for the IOC. Our coverage began with the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, while our archival Olympic imagery goes back over one hundred years.

Prepare for Sochi Winter Olympic Games with our coverage from all the venues, of all the athletes and from around Sochi & Russia via our Sochi Winter Olympic Games landing page.

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