Instagram has announced that the platform now has 200 million users, with more than 50 million joining over the last six months.

We say congratulations having welcomed the now iconic style that Instagram brought to our socially connected world. From cats to selfies, from celebs to protesters, Instagram provided a set of easy to use tools to make our photos look good and to be able to share, embed and tag for friends, family and followers to enjoy.

And even professional photographers have picked up their smartphones and snapped Instagrams


So which are the most popular filters? What are the most popular tags? Who's got the most followers? Thanks to Webstagram, here are the answers you have been waiting for... (all statistics correct as of 27 March 2014)

Based on analysis of 4,710,048 recent Instagrams, just under half of all Instagrams don't use a filter! However amongst those that do, Valencia, Earlybird, X-Pro II and Amaro are the most popular filters to make users photos look good.

#love is the most popular tag, appearing on 489,149,646 Instagrams to date, followed by #instagood (230,319,758), #me (214,343,305), #like (193,577,034) and #follow (189,764,403) - evidence of the rise of the selfie and the need for social recognition?

And the most popular accounts based on number of followers are...

In fifth place is Beyonce with 10,992,422 followers

Fourth place is Rihanna with 12,362,044 followers

Third place is Kim Kardashian with 13,501,850 followers

Second place is Justin Bieber with 15,374,458 followers

But leading the charge with 55,064,190 followers is Instagram with their regular round-up of the best photos they've seen posted on Instagram.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Leave a comment below or Tweet with #gettyinfocus
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