The Alternative View approach to coverage allows, and indeed encourages a photographer to challenge conventional vantage points and techniques to produce a visually stunning body of work that is rich and often innovative in it's use of light, composition and colour.

We invited Nik Selman, Head of Media & Entertainment at freuds, to select his favourite from our best of set

"Having worked on film, television and music awards shows throughout my career this picture of Matthew McConaughey backstage at the Oscars really resonated with me.

Christopher Polk has captured an intimate moment that only those in the right place at the right time usually have the opportunity to witness. After all the speeches, gratitude, applause and hoopla on stage, the winners float into the wings where that winning feeling actually starts to sink in. He's staring at his award like nobody's looking. Stood alone and quietly contented, it's a wonderful moment. Here is an Oscar winner savouring the achievement in a way he isn't able to in front of the TV cameras or during the whirl of media opportunities and parties that occupy the rest of his evening.

I'm also ridiculously excited about the season finale of True Detective this weekend, McConaughey's brilliant in the series so I can't deny that may have influenced my decision just a little…"

Enjoy the rest of the best Alternative Views in our gallery -  and tweet your favourite with #gettyinfocus

About Nik Selman 

Nik is Head of Media & Entertainment at freuds and is responsible for clients across the television, film and music sectors, as well major launches and campaigns for consumer brands and public sector clients.

Over 12 years at the agency, Nik has handled more than 25 BAFTA awards ceremonies, the London 2012 Torch Relays, Live 8, the Grand Opening of Atlantis The Palm, and film premieres including Skyall, One Direction: This is Us, and the Wolf of Wall Street.

Current clients include Sky, Scripps Networks, Vodafone and Zero G Colony. Nik's career began in Los Angeles working on media management for awards shows such as the Grammy's, the Soul Train Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards.

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